¿Why Monstruo de Agua?

Because we were inspired by an amphibian autochthonous to the Valley of Mexico named axolote, Mexican slang for axolotl which in Nahuatl (the Aztec language) literally means “water monster”.

The Leyenda del Quinto Sol (Legend of the Fifth-Sun), tells the story of Xolotl; the deity of duality and the underworld, twin of Quetzalcóatl. Xolotl, attempting to avoid being sacrificed runs into a field to hide in disguise. He first transforms into a Maiz (corn) plant with two stalks and is seen, he then flees again and turns into a Maguey (agave) with a double leaf and is again seen; he finally jumps int water and turns into an an axolotl; form in which he is caught and sacrificed together with his brothers in order to put the Fifth-Sun into motion.

Axolotls are capable of regenerating their extremities and organs. Those from Mexico City (Ambystoma mexicanum) remain in the water in their infant form for their whole lives. The few that do happen to leave the water metamorphose and lose their branquial crest to become an animal biologically indistinguishable from the common salamander. It is these powers that have captivated and inspired people throughout Mexican history.

The axolotls main habitat are the canals and chinampas of Xochimilco; an ecological system that once provided nutrition and sustenance to the Great Tenochtitlán, a city that was in symbiosis with its natural environment. Its transformation into the now called Mexico City, implied the drainage and pollution of its lakes. The wild axolotl is now an extremely endangered species that shares a common destiny with these lakes.

The axolotl is a symbol of Mexico. It inspires us to innovate based on creativity and knowledge; to transform without the fear to explore. It is a reminder of the fragility of that which gives us life and joy.

With this totem, we look to generate social conscience with respect to the role and importance of local economies in the conservation and preservation of our ecosystems and traditions. We invite the public to seek products based on value chains that are sustainable bot environmentally and socially.

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